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So, the main purpose of this blog is to help people learn about science. I'll be taking questions from you, the readers in all areas of science, researching them, and posting an entry answering the question as best I can. I'll also be posting anything I think is really cool, and maybe a bit of news about space. Please comment, I love to hear your feedback! This site is for general audiences, please keep comments PG-13.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Post the First - What I Like About Space

Okay, here goes. I've never done a blog before, and I've only read a few. But I felt like I really wanted to do something to help educate people about science in general and space in particular. So, this is the result. First off, I want to be a resource for anyone out there who wants to learn about science. If you have any question whatsoever about space, biology, or whatever the hell you want to know, post it in the comments of the post or send me an email and I'll answer to the best of my abilities in a new post. My posts will probably be sporadic at first, but I hope that as the summer gets going I can work more on this project. I will do my best to source all my posts, giving credit where credit is due. Anyways, if you like what you see, follow me or save me as a favourite! Thanks for stopping by!

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