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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Asteroid Armageddon

Ah, after a long summer of computer games, D&D, time with girlfriend and general all-around laziness, It's time to come down to what really matters: how the universe is trying to kill us.

For about a year now, I've been reading the Bad Astronomy blog by Phil Plait. He is a generous, brilliant, and all-around amazing scientist and blogger. Two years ago he published a book called "Death from the Skies! These are the ways the world will end..." in which he detailed the many different ways the universe is out to get us and how likely each scenario is. First and foremost in his book is a chapter on asteroids and how they can impact (see what I did there?) our lives.

Now, Discovery channel is doing a pilot of Bad Universe: a new Mythbusters-esque show in which Phil gets to delve into the mysteries and myths of the things in outer space that can kill us and what we can do about them. Here's a trailer (there's a bit of a problem with the sound, bear with it):

The pilot episode is about none other than that mogul of movie madness, the asteroid impact. Take a peek at this preview!

I urge my girlfriend and the other 3 people who actually are still here after 3 months to watch the show this Sunday at 10:00PM on the Discovery channel. The more people that watch it, the more likely this will be a regular series!

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